My LipsRPink: Phone Fantasies & Cam by MILF Mommy Megan

My LipsRPink: Kinky Phone Sex & Cam by MILF Housewife Next Door!

My LipsRPink: Phone Fantasies & Cam by MILF Mommy Megan

My LipsRPink: Kinky Phone Sex & Cam by MILF Housewife Next Door!

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Housewife Phone Sex!

Phone Fantasies $2.50 a minute 10 minute minimum
Topless Cam
$4.00 a minute 10 minute minimum

Please inquire if you have any questions. Billed as PMB Systems LLC All major Credit Cards accepted.


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Name: Megan
Age: 49

How did you get started doing phonesex? night while experimenting with phone sex with a friend, he commented that he couldn't believe I didn't get paid for what had just occured. I brushed it off, thinking that would never happen. Then with the prompting of a female friend years later I took the plunge, my confidence a bit shakey. I couldn't believe how much fun it was. I LOVE talking about sex, feeling sexy and most importantly having sex. Ya never know if your call will catch me in the act, and yes, it happens!

What's your favorite thing to talk about? So many things...I love being your mommy, step-mom, auntie, MILF all the naughty taboo things that go along with that. I really love talking about what I'd do to you if I were there. The possiblities are endless. I like being just plain naughty!

How about your favorite thing to do on cam? Show my ass! I swear, no one believes what a bubble butt I have until they see it, and they always say..." damn girl, you were right!" That and proving how multi-orgasmic I am.

What's your kinkiest sexual memory? This one is hard. MY kinkiest is going down on my girlfriend while four guys watched. All knowing it was my first time, my gawd that still gets me wet when I think of it.

Is there anything you don't talk about or do on cam? Try me. LOL I'm pretty open.

What are some of your turn-ons? Turn-offs? Confidence is a biggie to me. If a guy acts like he's got it going on, I'm so all over that. Whispering my name, will melt me instantly.

What can I do to make our calls enjoyable for both of us? Lets get to know each other a little at first.

Tell me what turns you on. I'm not a mind reader, and I want you to leave feeling like you got what you came for.

Please don't hang up on me! You don't have to continue the conversation after you cum if you don't want, but something like, "That was great. Goodnight," would be much appreciated. Being respectful will get you everywhere.

Feel free to email me or send me an instant message. Time allowing, I love to chat! I will NOT cyber with you, though. If you have an elaborate fantasy or just want to make sure I'm knowledgable enough about your particular fetish, just ask.

As far as meeting in real-time: please know, the reality is that we will never meet. However, I find it an erotic fantasy I enjoy talking about!

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